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Customized products based on your specifications with no minimum quantity required.

For the past 30 years, in addition to being recognized for producing quality products serving the professional channel, the Green Bull brand has been recognized as a leader within the ladder industry for supplying ladders and planks to fulfill special requests.

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Green Bull Specialty Products Options List

Specialty items call for ladder or plank configurations or dimensions that are not found in standard Green Bull products. All we need from a customer to get started are clear specifications for the product they need, often in the form of an engineering drawing. Green Bull specialty ladders and planks can be produced in varying lengths, widths and, for ladders, with any hole patterns designated by the customer.

Green Bull Specialty Products - Fixed Ladder Cooling Tower Application

Green Bull brand specialty products are in use around the United States in agricultural, automotive, alternative energy generation, and cooling tower applications, as well as a multitude of other industries. We are also investigating new opportunities to supply products to the satellite and telecommunications industries. Almost 12,000 Green Bull ladders and planks were engineered and built to service customer-specific requests in 2008.

Green Bull Specialty Products - Roofing Hoist

Our flexible manufacturing systems allow us to design and produce the highest quality specialty ladders, ladder sections, and planks cost effectively and quickly. Customers trust Green Bull specialty products because we are experts in the industry. We have far more experience in the category than a typical metal fabrication shop. The custom products are made from the same high quality components as other Green Bull products and are assembled by the same skilled workers using proven processes.

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