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4324 Series Aluminum Stage, 750 lb Rating

The Green Bull 4324 Series Aluminum decorator Stage is twist proof and designed for three person use with a 750lb load rating. Slip-resistant abraded aluminum decking assures slip-resistand surface. Slots in lower level help prevent material build up. The stage is 24 in wide and has vinyl coated end caps


  • Ergonomic carrying handles increase comfort during transportation
  • Chemically bonded hand grips provide extended life
  • 3-piece rung-to-rail connection system increases stiffness
  • Raised and abraded decking assures slip-resistant surface
  • Modular guard rail system can be adapted for multiple stage lengths
  • Double end rungs on stages over 20 feet and on all 5 inch and 6 inch rails

More Features

  • Twist Proof Design


ModelOverall DepthApprox. Cu. Ft. Per UnitOverall LengthSide Rail Length
4324165 in13.69816 ft 5-1/4 in16 ft
4324205 in17.03120 ft 5-1/4 in20 ft
4324246 in24.45820 ft 5-1/2 in24 ft
4324286 in28.45824 ft 5-1/2 in28 ft
4324326 in32.45832 ft 5-1/2 in32 ft
4324366 in41.21336 ft 5-1/2 in36 ft
4324396 in44.08639 ft 5-1/2 in39 ft